SQL Server 2014 Will Release April 1, 2014!!

Great news!  Below is the announcement from the SQL Server blog that SQL Server 2014 will release on 4/1 publically!  See below for more details.   SQL Server 2014, Microsoft’s cloud first data platform, released to manufacturing today Today, Quentin Clark, corporate vice president of the Data Platform Group, announced that SQL Server 2014, the … Continued

Review of the Nokia 1520 Phablet

With the exception of making and receiving phone calls, everyone has different capabilities that they use or that they expect from their phone.  The capabilities I need from my phone do not include playing Candy Crush, Temple Run or Instagram, and I really need more than basic email functionality.  My needs are dictated by my … Continued

SQL Server 2014 Resource Governor News

  Resource Governor was introduced in SQL Server 2008 to achieve predictable performance in a multi-tenant environment, to support mixed workload patterns, to provide mechanisms and tools to deal with runaway queries, and to enforce resource limits for CPU and memory. It enables customers to implement database consolidation or to configure their own database as … Continued

Windows Azure HDInsight Service

HDInsight  Service makes Apache Hadoop available as a service in the cloud. It makes the MapReduce software framework available in a simpler, more scalable, and cost efficient Windows Azure environment. HDInsight also provides a cost efficient approach to the managing and storing of data. HDInsight Service uses Windows Azure Blob Storage as the default file … Continued

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