XBox One and, I Think I Love You!

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I’ve been lucky enough to have been part of the XBox One beta tester group for the past 5 months and it’s been quite a journey.  It’s exciting to see how pumped everyone is to get their hands on one of these and see what it’s all about.  Of all the apps I’ve been testing over that 5 month period, the app is by far my favorite.  I’ve been testing this app throughout the 2013 NFL Season and has really made watching and tracking football completely enjoyable.   It’s amazing how far we’ve come from having to go to the newspaper on Monday morning to figure out Fantasy Football player stats/points. 

Bottom line is this.  If you play fantasy, and you are in a league that’s not using, you are TOTALLY missing out on some seriously fun on Sundays.  Don’t forget that you can toggle between snapped apps and bring in Skype to talk trash to the person your playing and see them on the right side of your screen.  They likely won’t even know you scored unless they saw it happen or have this on Xbox One as well.  Pretty cool stuff.   I took a number of images from my phone from Week 11 to show how this app works. 

The below image shows the TV on the left side, and the’s Fantasy Football app that is snapped to the right window of the screen.  I can have any channel on the TV and the NFL’s app will continually update scores and stats across our fantasy league in real time.  The TV channel is DirecTV’s NFL Game Mix so I can see every game that’s on right now.  I switch between this channel and RedZone throughout the day each Sunday.


Below you will see the view in the NFL app that shows your team and players on the left side of the app and your opponent’s team and players on the right side.  This will update in real time so it’s a great way to keep up to date on your opponent’s players as well as yours.


Below is a detailed view of your team and each player you have starting.  The player scores that show in white are players who are done playing for the week.  Their final points are set.  Those in yellow are currently playing, and those in gray are either playing later in the day or on Monday night.


Below is the same view in the app of your team, but what you’ll notice is that Adrian Petersen ran the ball for 2 yards, so his picture shows up and .2 points are added to his point total in real time.  A few seconds later, his picture is removed and the detailed view of his run go away.  This is a VERY cool capability because your player could be racking up hella points during a game but never scoring a touchdown, so they’d rarely, if ever, show up on RedZone.  This let’s you see the rhythm of your team for that day.  Yes, I know, it’s not real rhythm because it’s not a real team, but you can’t deny the fact that you can tell pretty quickly if you’re team is hot that day or not.  It adds a totally different dimension to fantasy football that we’ve never had before.


If you are not a gamer but are big into football, you need to get yourself an XBox One because this has been fun to use the past 5 months!

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